Casta Diva Group


Andrea De Micheli


International experience

Andrea De Micheli and Luca Oddo can each boast twenty years’ experience in the production of spots, creation of events, design of business web tv, and development of tv programming.
Between them they have taken home hundreds of awards, including two Lions at the Cannes Advertising Film Festival, and shot in some thirty countries, from the Arctic regions to the Sahara desert, from Russia to New Zealand, from Malaysia to Argentina, and above all, throughout the United States.
Casta Diva staff have international experience and expertise honed by working for major brands and multinational companies. Every single person in Casta Diva has acquired IT knowledge, enabling administritative aspects to be handled with rapid efficiency.


Every Casta Diva producer has diversified competence in tv production and in talent contractualisation that guarantees vital precision in all matters pertaining to rights and the myriad of technical-legal questions.