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Phil Hawkins

Cars, kids, comedy, consoles, beer, aeroplanes, alligators, sofas, music promos, features. You name it, Phil’s probably shot it… although not in the same ad, that’d just be plain crazy even for Phil who’s latest feature film was shot in just two days. The film won the Best Film award from the London Independent Film Festival proving it actually isn’t too bad.
Also being used as doorstops around his house are two Best Director awards from the New York Independent Film and Video Festival for his previous two feature films and a host of awards for his work in commercials, although they’re mainly certificates and don’t hold doors open too well.
In a break between polishing his awards, Phil was selected by Steven Spielberg to be the only director from the UK to appear on the Fox/Dreamworks reality show ‘On The Lot’ and become a Z-List celebrity where he was described as ‘one of the best new and upcoming directors’ by Spielberg and the judges. No pressure there then.
Phil has directed commercials for Groupon, Sony PSP, Alfa Romeo, Lloyds Pharmacy and many more.
Phil Hawkins joined Casta Diva Pictures USA in February 2014