The Company

Casta Diva Pictures was founded in January 2005 by Andrea De Micheli and Luca Oddo as a production company for TV commercials and events.
Since then Casta Diva has formed other companies under the same name in 13 countries around the world.

In just a few years Casta Diva has positioned itself as partner to major brands, such as Barilla, Intesa Sanpaolo, SKY and Telecom Italia. Casta Diva is also a Procter & Gamble sole production partner in Italy and the only one credited by P&G in four different World macroregions.

The company was born with a strong international character and today the Milan office is flanked by offices in London, Manchester, Rome, Prague, Beirut, Istanbul, New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Cape Town, Mumbai. Casta Diva’s internationalism has consolidated its unique selling point of cost containment, providing wonderful locations, and supplying varied but beautiful talent.

Today De Micheli and Oddo are respectively CEO and president of the holding company, Casta Diva Group.